iChem® - TK401 introduction and properties

iChem® - TK401 formaldehyde removal powder is a new functional inorganic powder composed of Si, Al, Ti and other elements. It is processed by special process and equipment through the patented technology of World-Prospect. It has nano specific surface area. It can fully contact and absorb formaldehyde on the surface, and decompose it into water and carbon dioxide to achieve the purpose of aldehyde removal. In theory, it does not consume itself and lasts for a long time. Because it does not contain heavy metals, it is safe to human body, easy to use and environment-friendly.

Typical physical properties 
Melting point<300℃
PH value6~8
Relative density(15℃)2.5-2.8g/cm3
SolubilityInsoluble in water
AppearanceWhite powder
PH value of water suspension6~8
Average particle size D503-4 µm
Volatile matter 105℃<1.0%
325Mesh sieve residue<0.1%
Product features

AThe unique surface structure design of nano-TiO2 has a larger surface of nanometer scale, which can fully contact and adsorb with the surface of organic matters; it can decompose formaldehyde and other organic matters into carbon dioxide and water to achieve the effect of formaldehyde removal;

BIn theory, it does not consume itself, has long duration and long service life;

CIt does not contain lead, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, selenium and other heavy metals, which is safe for human body and environmentally friendly;

DIt is easy to use and can be directly added; it can also increase the covering power;

EA wide range of applications, in addition to the ordinary formula, it can also be used in some formula which can not be solved by aldehyde technology.

Product application

This product is specially developed for coating, diatom mud and other industries.

Building interior wall coating, diatom mud and other sub industries;

  • coating

    building interior and exterior wall, floor coating; automobile coating; powder coating, etc;

  • diatom mud
Usage method

AIn the coating or diatom mud industry, it can be directly added to the customer's formula, which can participate in grinding or high-speed mixing. According to different formulations, it is recommended to use about 3-5% (w / w).

Material safety data sheet